Why Xen?

We live in an age where access to the right investments can be a door to wealth and financial security. In Asia, where there has been an unprecedented growth in wealth, the current force of economic influence and power is among the young and affluent, the millennials and XENnials.

Only a fraction of all wealth in Asia is tapped into the wealth management industry and affluents have virtually zero access to the above market returns and performance of alternative investments.

It is now time to transform an industry traditionally dominated by and designed for HNWIs and institutional investors – and give affluent investors access to alternatives.

Xen is the first-of-its-kind wealth management platform enabling affluent investors access to alternative investments to achieve active returns.

We are ushering in the future of wealth management powered by blockchain and tokenization for the utmost transparency, liquidity and return on investment.

First-of-its-kind ACCESS to alternatives

Xen’s platform provides affluent investors with a minimum of US$100,000 of investable assets access to third party fund managers.

These managers represent curated top-performing alternative investment funds globally – hedge funds, trade finance funds, private equity funds, commodity funds and real estate funds.

Innovative LIQUIDITY solutions

Xen will use blockchain and tokenization to allow for unprecedented liquidity in alternative investments. Xen will convert your investment into digital assets called Security Tokens. As an investor, you can trade these Xen tokens for liquidity through a regulated exchange (i.e. a secondary market platform).

Through the use of smart contracts, KYC/AML compliance and trading restrictions can be enforced.


Xen will use proprietary robo-advisory technology to customize asset allocation to your life goals and risk/reward tolerance.

This provides affluent investors a higher level and quality of advice which was previously only available to high-net-worth individuals through private banks.

Xen’s platform also provides a higher level of transparency in your portfolio performance. Through our dashboard, you can analyze your returns and how they track against goals and benchmarks – giving control to you.

Components of Xen

  • Alternative

    You will get access to top-performing alternative investment vehicles including hedge funds, trade finance funds, private equity funds, commodity funds and real estate funds.

  • Robo

    Xen will match clients to the right investment opportunities based on the investor’s profile and risk/reward appetite.

  • Blockchain

    Immutable, decentralized ledger that automates settlement & reconciliation, thereby lowering transaction costs & increasing security for investors.

  • Trading

    Instant liquidity by trading XEN tokens on our smart contract powered platform. No waiting for standard lock-in and redemption.

  • Security

    Each XEN token is a digital asset, representing the $ investment in the underlying fund. The XEN token is compliant with securities regulations.