Frequently Asked Questions

Security Tokens

  • What is a Security Token, and how is it different from a Utility Token?

    Unlike the most popular cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH), the Xen token is a Security Token, which is a digital certificate of ownership in a security or asset. Xen tokens are regulated as securities, and are compliant with existing regulations for private placements into alternative investments. Xen tokens are KYC/AML Aware tokens, and based on the ERC-20 standard of Ethereum.


  • What types of Licenses does Xen hold?

    Xen has partnered with a licensed Collective Investment Scheme under the Financial Services Commission of Mauritius; it is open to “Expert Investors” who fulfil KYC/AML standards and can make a minimum of US$100,000 commitment to the Fund. In addition, Xen has a Regulatory Sandbox License in Mauritius, making it the first licensed security token issuance and trading platform globally.

Fund Selection

  • How does Xen choose its investment opportunities?

    An investor in Xen’s platform can allocate capital across 5 different asset classes – hedge funds, trade finance funds, private equity funds, commodity funds, and real estate funds. Xen’s investment team curates opportunities based on the underlying fund’s team, track record, and return potential.

Who Can Invest

  • Can I invest in the third party fund managers available through Xen?

    The initial hedge fund Xen has partnered with is open to affluent investors who pass KYC/AML compliance, and can invest a minimum of US$100,000 in a Mauritius-domiciled Expert Collective Investment Scheme.


  • Where will I store my tokens?

    For investors without an existing Ethereum wallet, Xen will generate a Xen wallet address with a secure public and private key, to deposit Xen tokens and allow clients to send and receive tokens.


  • How do I know my investment is secure?

    Xen utilizes two-factor authentication, cold storage of private keys, and the Ethereum blockchain to ensure security at all levels of the investment process.


  • What determines the price of my Xen token on the exchange?

    The price of Xen tokens will be based on the Net Asset Value of the underlying asset class, and the market supply/demand for the tokens on the secondary market trading platform.