Unlock $15 trillion of
investment opportunity.

Xen is the first-of-its-kind wealth management platform enabling affluent investors to access alternative investments to achieve active returns.

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Who We Are


Xen is the first-of-its-kind wealth management platform enabling affluent investors access to alternative investments to achieve active returns.

Only a fraction of all wealth in Asia is tapped into the wealth management industry and affluent investors have virtually zero access to the active returns and performance of alternative investments.

It is now time to transform an industry traditionally dominated by and designed for HNWIs and institutional investors – and give affluent investors access and liquidity.

Xen provides affluent investors:

First-of-its-kind ACCESS to alternatives

Investors will have access to top performing alternative investment managers globally.

Innovative LIQUIDITY solutions

Xen will use blockchain and tokenization to convert your investment into digital assets called Security Tokens. You can trade these Xen tokens for liquidity through a regulated exchange.


Xen will use proprietary robo-advisory technology to customize asset allocation to your life goals and risk/reward tolerance. Through our dashboard, you can analyze your returns and how they track against goals and benchmarks.

How Xen Works

  • Client onboarding, fulfilling KYC/AML compliance of relevant jurisdictions

  • Robo-advisor will recommend ideal asset allocation based on the Client’s risk and reward profile

  • Client invests fiat in third party fund managers and receives XEN tokens in return

  • Client can view portfolio performance on Dashboard, which is updated weekly

  • Client can exercise redemption based on Net Asset Value, or trade XEN tokens on security token trading platform for instant liquidity




  • Katrina Cokeng

    CEO &
  • Manish Sansi

    COO &
  • Andrei Karpushonak

    Chief Technology Officer
  • Bilal Sassa


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